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The Dr.Dish Shot Trainer is used during most Private & Group Training sessions to enhance and accelerate athlete development through repetition. Dr.Dish allows players to take up to 500 shots in 30 minutes. The Dr. Dish Shot Trainer is also available for private rental. Inquire for rates.

Camps and Clinics

LTD Basketball Camps are 4 days worth of skill instruction focused on the learning and development of basic fundamentals. The LTD Clinic is a one-day fun-filled introduction to the fundamentals of the game of basketball. Each opportunity is filled with professional coaching, skill development, games and fun competitions. *LTD Camp & Clinic Sessions are offered in the cities of Lenexa, Gardner, Shawnee & Spring Hill.


LTD Skills Academy is a fun and exciting way to learn the game of basketball through a 6-week instructional training program. Young athletes build self-confidence by working on the basic fundamentals of the game. *LTD Skills Academy Sessions are offered at various times of the year in the cities of Lenexa, Gardner, Shawnee & Spring Hill.


Livin' The Dream also offers opportunities for players to improve upon their basketball skills through our Private or Small Group instruction. Each athlete will receive helpful instruction and training techniques from professionals which will allow them to gain an edge over their competition. Our primary focus is to help each athlete develop self-confidence in their abilities and to be able to apply newly learned skills to their school or team sports. Instruction is given at various times throughout the week for boys and girls ages 8-18. Lessons are (1) one hour in duration. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


   Want some homework? We have specifically designed a basketball workout program that will help motivate and encourage every athlete while enhancing their fundamental development. The best part is that it can be done at home! 

After certain periods of time due to the lack of effective practice time, players become stagnant in their development and need something to spark their interest levels as well as challenge them in new ways. At LTD, we are concerned about each player's growth and development as well as their love for the game. The program is a 40 minute daily workout routine that if done properly will improve each player's ball handling, footwork, and shooting skills. In just 40 short minutes athletes will put up 200 shots and be on their way to becoming a better player. If athletes are dedicated to the system, they will shoot 10,000 shots in 10 weeks! This program is designed to supplement regular team practice time and to help further develop young athletes. It's just another way we can help get players on their way to Livin' The Dream.


LTD offers LifeGroups for spiritual development. The groups are for Men & Women looking to grow in their faith in Christ, discover their life's purpose and to establish accountability and support relationships. We believe a fulfilling life must be rooted in One thing...a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Groups meet once per week in various locations around the Kansas City area. Click below if you'd like to know more or if you'd like to join a group in your area.